SHVM 2021

Metabolism at the crossroads of health and disease

SHVM 2021
SHVM 2021

SHVM 2021

Metabolism at the crossroads of health and disease

Jena Online • 23-24 September 2021

Jena Online
23-24 September 2021


Participation and costs

To participate in this meeting you must create an account through this page.

The cost of the meeting is 70 US Dollars. Payment is possible by credit card/PayPal or bank transfer. Further details about the payment procedure is available through your personal mySHVM area after you sign up for an account.

Please note a recent change to the pricing policy of this meeting: student/trainees have their registration fee waived. To qualify for the free registration, participants must must fall in one of the following categories: student (undergraduate to Ph.D.), postdoc or clinical fellows; postdocs or clinical fellows with over 6 years experience are not eligible for the discount. Please help spread the news about this opportunity to friends and colleagues.

The organisers are monitoring the evolving pandemic situation very closely. Provided the pandemic situation and university policies allow it, participants are encouraged to travel to Jena to attend the meeting locally. If this is your intention, please contact us: we will add you to the list of potential on-site participants and keep you informed in the upcoming weeks.

Guidelines for Abstracts

Abstracts are accepted exclusively through your personal mySHVM area; you will need to to have an account to have access to the latter. Signing up for an account does not require an immediate payment. However, please note that all submitted abstracts will be discarded if payment is not received by 31 August 2021.

The abstract submission deadline is 18 August 2021. The Scientific Committee will then review the received abstracts for inclusion in the scientific programme in one of the following formats:

  • Short oral communications
    Selected abstracts will be presented during specific symposia as deemed appropriate by the organising committee.
  • Poster presentations
    Participants selected for a poster presentation will need to upload a PDF version of their poster at a later date (still to be defined; selected participants will be notified in due time). All posters will be available for viewing (through the personal area of all meeting attendees, mySHVM) a week before the start of the online meeting. The online meeting also includes a dedicated session for poster discussions; check the Programme for details.

Abstract format

  • The title must start in uppercase and continue in lowercase, except for conventional terms (ATP, DNA, NFκB, etc). Example:
       This title is written correctly
       This Title is Not Properly Written
  • If more than one author (but only in that case), underline your name (the presenting author, in whatever position you appear in the author list) and use commas to separate the names; do not use 'and' before the last author. The presenting author's first name(s) and surname should be written in full; for all other authors, write first name(s) as initials and surname in full. If more than one affiliation (but only in that case), use sequential superscript numbers to identify each institution. Example:
       Mario Rossi1, J. Doe2, F. Bloggs1,2
       1Dept Biomembranes, Golgi & Veratti Univ., Pavia, Italy
       2Dept Bioblast Analyses, Altmann Univ., Leipzig, Germany
  • The abstract text must be no longer than 1350 characters, spaces included. The text should include the following sections: Rationale, Objective, Methods, Results, Conclusion.

NEW additional format

All attendees who submit an abstract are strongly encouraged to submit also a 1-minute video promoting the abstract. There are no fixed guidelines for this video: it should be a “visiting card” of the results that you will be presenting, trying to attract other participants to discuss the work further with you during the meeting itself. The method and deadline for uploading this video will be provided through your mySHVM area.

"William C. Stanley" Early Investigator Award

The "William C. Stanley" Early Investigator Award (EIA) highlights the scientific accomplishments of promising young researchers and is a major focus of the Annual Meeting of the Society for Heart and Vascular Metabolism.

As in previous years, entrants for the EIA competition should be either students or postdoctoral fellows (postdocs or clinical fellows with over 6 years experience are not eligible for the competition). Previous winners of the "William C. Stanley" Early Investigator Award (or its precursor, termed "Early Investigator Commendation") are also not eligible for this competition.

The EIA competition format has been redesigned for this edition of the SHVM Annual Meeting. Please note that, this year, you do not have to specifically sign up for the award. The organisers will automatically select videos (see “New format” section above) submitted by eligible junior participants and enter them into this year’s EIA competition. In other words, whereas the 1-min video is only encouraged (but not mandatory) for everyone submitting an abstract, if you wish to be included in the EIA competition you must submit a video.

The organisers will select six candidates for the EIA, based on the abstract and the 1-minute video submitted by eligible candidates. Each of these candidates will be invited for a short oral communication (see the Programme, 24 September), after which all attendees will be able to vote (directly online) to select the three 2021 "William C. Stanley" Early Investigator Award winners.


English is the official language for the meeting.